“Things that I like”

Presented in following exhibitions / Art Fair:
Aleksandra shopping center, Turku, Finland, 2010
ARS Kärsämäki, Kärsämäki, Finland, 2009
Kanneltalo Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 2007
Aboe Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku, Finland, 2006
Art Fair Suomi, Muu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 2006
Mania Gallery, Tampere, Finland, 2006
Köysirata Gallery, Turku, Finland, 2006

Its an ensemble made from paperboard, photographs and plastic covers. One size is 10cm x 10 cm and there is 469 pieces. Installation is build from my thoughts about the role of human in the city, intepreting and living with the all the different signs. For a few years I have activitily photographed signs and marks in public spaces as well as photographed warning colours and emergency wehicles, workers dressed in urban environment. Exhibition is also document of my cityart-project.